The purpose of this post is to document how to install Proxmox on Virtualbox. The TLDR is that everything works as expected except that I found the default DNS IP address to be somewhat unreliable so I ended up using a public DNS IP address ( ) instead.

I found the following references to be useful:

I started with 61G of available disk space. It turned out that I only needed about 4G .

image tooltip here

8GB of RAM and 4 CPU’s. Within the “green zone” indicated by Virtualbox. image tooltip here

120GB of disk - probably overkill but without pre-allocation it should be fine. image tooltip here

Specify the proxmox iso as optical drive: image tooltip here

NAT network as suggested in the proxmox wiki.

image tooltip here

“Enable Nested” is off by default and greyed out so some cmd line action is needed to turn it on as specified here (thank you!) image tooltip here

Aforementioned cmd line action : image tooltip here

Voila! image tooltip here

Now reboot and install . I used “Terminal UI” which probably was a mistake because screen shots came out badly (as you can see below). image tooltip here

Mostly I took the defaults or what seemed like the obvious choice.

For example, I used the entire disk (obviously)… image tooltip here

…and the local timezone… image tooltip here

…but for DNS server address, I specified, a public DNS address provided by Google. I spent some time trying to get the default to work but eventually gave up and used YMMV image tooltip here

Here’s the full specification: image tooltip here

Install took 5 or 10 minutes ( I didn’t time it ). image tooltip here

Reboot, then power off to unmount the proxmox ISO. image tooltip here

We no longer need the ISO so unmount it. image tooltip here

ISO is gone. image tooltip here

Reboot, log in as root, ping to verify network and working DNS.
image tooltip here

Back in the shell, df shows that we now have about 3.5G less than starting out. Note that this matches the virtual machine usage. image tooltip here

At this point, there’s still more to do including using the proxmox browser interface, creating virtual machines, creating containers but I’m going to stop here and save that for a later post. Thank you for reading.