This post describes the process that I went through to get a virtual machine running in a Proxmox instance running under Virtualbox. My guess is that not all the steps shown here are optimal or even necessary but I’m leaving them all in just in case.

The first thing that I should mention is that the only version of Proxmox that I was able to get this to work with is Proxmox 8.1-1. With newer versions of Proxmox I would get “Guru Mediation” messages (basically a Proxmox crash) when booting from all the Linux ISO’s that I tried. This happened with Proxmox 8.1-2 and Proxmox 8.2-1. Proxmox 8.1-1 is no longer available for download from the Proxmox site but here is a link to a Proxmox 8.1-1 iso file that I uploaded.

After installing Proxmox 8.1-1 in virtual box, create a NAT network with default settings: image tooltip here

Use the “Create VM” button to create a new virtual machine: image tooltip here

Use the wizard to configure the machine. image tooltip here

Specify an ISO image to boot from (linuxmint used here). You will need to first upload this to your Proxmox server (forgot to take a picture of the upload). image tooltip here

I set memory to 4096 and defaults for everything else. Press “Start Now” to boot. image tooltip here

Off we go: image tooltip here

Double click the CD icon to do an install: image tooltip here

Go through the install process. Pretty much all default values except for timezone. image tooltip here

Restart after “Installation has finished” image tooltip here

We have no internet connection: image tooltip here

So edit connections (right click on the little circle): image tooltip here

Add a connection: image tooltip here

Make up an address ( I chose 26 on the the 10.0.2.X network ). The rest is determined by the network (but still needs to be entered). image tooltip here

Don’t forget (like I did) to change “Method” to “Manual” . image tooltip here

The internet is reachable but DNS is not working yet. image tooltip here

Specify DNS server (public DNS server provided by Google): image tooltip here

Still can’t ping image tooltip here

Works after a reboot: image tooltip here

After creating a single VM, subsequent VM creations connected to the internet without the connection editing needed by the first one . I don’t know why. So, if you are doing some kind of automated management of a Proxmox in Virtualbox, you might consider creating a single VM by hand before starting the process.