The group met on zoom yesterday evening. Seven people attended.

We started off with brief discussions of

The major meeting topic was a truenas lab that showcased the use of terraform for virtual machine configuration within proxmox. The lab is demonstrated in this video. Some preliminary context that may be necessary can be found in this video . This Use of terraform is facilitated by the bpg proxmox plugin. As part of this topic we discussed pros and cons of using ssh to access a truenas server ( a potential security problem in general ). We also discussed the existence of truenas plugin modules; in particular modules that enable netboot and nextcloud functionality.

We wrapped up with a discussion of the group’s mission. Some members emphasised the need for simplicity in whatever we end up creating. We considered the advantages and disadvantages of using proxmox or yunohost as a basis for work. We discussed what applications/services should be included in a baseline product.